“By artists I mean all those who feel the need and the need to feel alive and grow ” (Hermann Hesse)

Testa egiziana

On his long journey, man needed to manifest a creative action as the first expressive language defined as non-verbal, a trace of his intimate feeling.
The art then in its manifestation in space and time, can be considered as an alchemical medicine with thaumaturgical effects for man.
The creative event is a process where emotional experiences, unconscious images contribute, it is an emotion that comes to light.
In this sense, a process of transformation of our emotions is created, therefore an alchemical act, which gives life to something that speaks for us in a unique and only our own way.
With spontaneous art, through clay worked with closed eyes, the internal image becomes external and visible to communicate our intuition, our symbol, an information that refers us to another meaning, reconnecting us to an underlying reality made of consciousness .
We are connected to an inner plane in which space and time do not exist, to a unified field of information to a continuous present, where it is possible to modify our reality.

Anna Montagano

Anna Montagano is a biologist and member of our scientific committee.

Some of his realized works:

Anna Montagano tells about her life experience. A story, a testimony and the life that starts living again. Never stop and never seek solutions only outside us:

Some works carried out on 11 and 12 May 2019 during the internship with the techniques of union and awakening® with Umberto Di Grazia and the art of consciousness with Anna Montagano held in Ronciglione (Viterbo) The sculptures were composed with closed eyes, listening to their emotions and sensations. The last shots are dedicated to the sculpture created thanks to all the participants.

“What is creativity? … it is the ability to “see” … and “answer”. (Erich Fromm)

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