Il Bosco Sacro

Un percorso iniziatico nel Bosco Sacro di Bomarzo per trovare la propria centralità e riscoprirsi Esseri Nuovi.

The Philosopher's Stone

Symbols and meanings of the Holy Grail of alchemists. An initiatory knowledge that would allow the achievement of human perfection and immortality.

Chemically modified water by interacting remotely

The Hayden Group interacted on a sample of water by modifying some components, recording a decrease in Arsenic (-16.43%) and an increase in pH (+ 12.7%).

Remote viewing. Umberto Di Grazia's method

Remote viewing. Method developed by Umberto Di Grazia


Janare e Janas. From Irpinia to Sardinia to recall some stories and traditions of magical women that mark the identity of my country. The origin of these figures begins with the cult of Isis.