By Umberto Di Grazia

Around the third century B.C. it was possible to hear:

“Dreams are like our children’s games, when they shape frogs out of cork and cover them with a fairly heavy layer of salt to make them submerge in water; the melting salt allows the frogs, then, to emerge to surface.
Even how to best remember dreams depends on the distortion of the background noise of the mind once we have woken up, like the stirred water where any form or image can be distinguished; and so it happens that, because of the concerns or because we are submerged ourselves by sensations and by looking for logical explanations, we deform the dreams from how they really were born. In the dreams the internal or external reality is reflected but subjected to infinite deformations because the dreamer himself is possessed by various passions and moods. Today, therefore, we do not believe in dreams as we perceive them in a waking state, we are not like our ancestors, we do not seek this primitive reality but we want to discover the point where the truth, so present in our depth, is deformed “.
(Aristotele – 384.322 BC -, Naturalia Parva: Of Dreams and of the Vigil and of the Prediction through the Dreams. Berlin Academy Edition, 1831, t.III.p. 236).

So Aristotle had understood that in us, somewhere in our being, there is the reality that always lives in a continuous present, a point not accessible to those seeking a power, a form of dominion over others.

This is one of the most important discoveries that the traveler of Being can make and in finding the confirmation he understands, from within, that there is an impassable and incorruptible place that gives space only to those who seek knowledge and does not allow the passage to any of the forms of power that press in the visible world, in the territory in which we move in a waking state.

Touching this reality we take strength and we understand that all that we have given a name, including divinity, suffers from a human error pushed in the search for understanding to possess with the logic energies of a higher thought and to be able to maneuver to dominate, and not “certainly” to unite.
What really scares us? why are we good in sending technologies deep in the space but we do not know planet Earth down under a few kilometers? Why, even today, hypnosis (and other tecniques) is not widespread and popularized, leaving space to criminals who manipulate the most sensitive and often insecure people in living their manifest reality and their emotions?
The questions overlap and chase each other incessantly and many of us feel that they have deprived us of something unique and vital: the honest and free search for our potential.
Are dreams feasible? Can we better remember the messages that emerge from our depths? Can we find a more cleaner and useful dialogue for our growth?
Yes, of course.
At the beginning we have to make your own the concept that we are alive 24 hours a day and that we all dream, even if many do not remember them. There is a friend in us who is waiting to be contacted, he has always been waiting despite being hit by debris of negative emotions, and possessions.
Now, returning to our activity of sleep and dream, we can begin to remember them simply by saying more than 21 times before falling asleep: “I have to remember a dream”. After days or at maximum a month, more or less, you will be amazed to see that the system works and then you will understand the importance of having a positive ritual to live, including prayers and thoughts towards a Superior elusive from logic but present in All, before falling asleep, before our “other” potentials take our body and our being to heal it and help it to resume its journey.

Much to say about this moment but I limit myself to stress that many men and women have long understood the sacredness of approaching sleep and today, more than ever, we must go back to know it and not abandon ourselves “passively” to sleep as to escape or with the TV turned on that shoots us directly everything ….!

After remembering a dream at the wake up (always keeping in mind all the possible deformations from the initial message that can contain),keep on repeating the following days, always 21 times (which is not a random number but it is the one studied in very selective centres) : “Bring me a dream for my growth”, or, if not in a good moment: “give me the strength and the elements to overcome this disease …”.. Repetition, like our use of the rosary or oriental mantras, gives to the word-thought that bioelectrical charge, with its biochemical components, able to overcome the internal threshold of the “stratum-domain of rational logic”, that one useful for censoring, during dreams the upcoming destructive elements but that, indeed, must also be our friend in getting useful information for our growth) a self-saying, useful just to know, of the type, for example (but always with your words):

Of course, those who use this for trivial reasons, for the way of reading and living of our depth, even if important for our living in appearance (like unhappy love or loved lost, etc. ..) will have no result but only dreams more confused by their emotions and passions.
It is not an element that can be managed precisely for a form of possession or power and remember that through repeated and lucid dreams, sacred texts have been written in all ethnic groups and made important scientific discoveries (from the benzene formula to much more … or events were anticipated that involved, then, many unsuspecting living beings…) and above all recovered the sense of the continuous in ourselves and of the communication and having the answers from a part of us .. betrayed and used badly for a long time, too much time.

Translation by Giovanna Cacciatore e Marisa Menna

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