by Umberto Di Grazia


As a child I was impressed after watching Frankenstein’s silent movie, taken from the book by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and shot in 1910. This was the same situation for all the subsequent movie editions and in particular in the sequences where inanimate beings, built with different parts, came back to life through the discharge of lightning.
While I was growing up, I became aware of the primordial world, in which its unbreathable and dense ammonia air turned into breathable after thousands of centuries of various types of lightning.
“Interestingly” I said to myself, since slowly something new surfaced.
I went ahead and studied many things and also took a meteorologist degree; so I learned that lightning generates ozone that goes upwards and that more than 50% of nitrates, produced by the oxidation of nitrogen, are used for the soil fertility. I am not surprised if the ancients lived such phenomena with deep respect.
Question: Why don’t we produce them in industrial doses in order to close the “ozone hole ..?”.
I don’t know..maybe it’s still a dialogue of the deaf. However, in the late ’60s, I managed to have and photocopy the texts of professor Ignazio Galli, published by the Pontifical Typography in the Pio IX Institute at the beginning of 1900. It is a complete collection of luminous and celestial phenomena that run throughout the period of history written by men.
It is difficult to reduce the content of these illuminating texts, which sincerely help to think and understand that these events are guided by a form of intelligence as well.
They are wonderful steps talking about the ball lightning, some similar to large balloons that explode sowing the smell of sulfur everywhere, and about those of my territory, the Viterbo area, where not surprisingly at the time of Etruscan civilization there were schools of the fulgurates priests, like the famous Tarquinia one. They studied the point where the event was born, where it fell, and how to have insights into the future and they protected with a sacred fence the place where it discharged its energy.
An episode occurred on the evening of 22nd March 1914 in Poggio Tre Croci, a village near Vetralla, in the Viterbo district: “Just before 8.30 pm and two hundred meters from the church, a bright bullet was seen in the air, disappearing and reappearing several times. Four minutes later, while the parish priest sat around a table with three people from his family and another gentleman, everyone saw that inside the glass tube of the oil lamp, lit on the center of the same table, a little globule oscillated vertically, like an egg yolk (about two and a half centimeters).
“That little globe, which danced there at least three times, was dark gray on the lower third, probably smoked by the flame of the oil, but of more vivid colors in the upper two thirds: they resembled those of the rainbow colors with a predominance of green, they randomly swarmed and the top shone with strong orange light. Every time the globetto laid on the flame, it faded becoming lead-colored. «After just a minute after the little globule had escaped from the tube of the lamp, there is a terrible thunder, heard even in distant countries. The result was a very powerful air wave: the parish priest’s lamp and all the other oil lamps in the village gave a big blaze, but without going out; all those who were on the roads understood a strong blow and fell down; all the panes of the windows shattered, and even the tiles of the nearest roofs broke. The small globe had burst over the facade of the church joined to the parish house: it threw away the iron Cross and the top of the tympanum; it made a seven meters long gash, one to two meters wide: it threw away the door jambs and demolished most of the arch, then chipped and burned the shutters, especially above, split the corner to the left of the facade for about eight meters and it broke the vault of the presbyter up to the roof and detached it from the base ».
There are thousands of these kinds of tales and for the hastier people everything could be limited to «Of course they are ball lightning, a form of energy ..!», and so everyone is happy and mocked at least.

Life, Death.

Years ago, the American doctor Robert E. Cornish had claimed to be able to recall, with a sodium chloride solution, animals that had already been dead for ten days and the only mandatory condition was to put them in a cold room, immediately after death, in order to prevent any form of degradation.
In the same period (70s) came to light the university professor Kostantin Hossman and his group of collaborators who worked at the Max-Planck Institute for brain research in Cologne-Merhein, under the guidance of prof. Klaus Zulch. They established, after a long series of experiments on dogs and monkeys, that the brain is able to regenerate itself even an hour after the so-called death. Based on their experiences, brain cells don’t die during this interval; instead, the blood vessels of the brain contract and when the blood starts to circulate again these vessels remain congested.
To provoke a new dilatation, Doctor Hossmann had used a pump that pushed the blood into the vessels with high pressure, and afterward the signs of life of the cervical cells reappeared … at least the recordable ones.
Far from any comparison with the reincarnated Lama that amazes Russia: for those who have seen the case (there are about 1500 people) it is not a legend, but another reality to understand with a logic that does not feed or satisfy itself with the simple explanation of “Energy”.
Even if a more and more consistent suspicion arises on the problem that we know little about it and that the references they offer us are insufficient or “intentionally” insufficient. Will we ever know more? It only depends on us and on the will and motivation to know and understand.

Through the years I asked myself, why there was so much aggression towards those who manifest psychic phenomena or, as we said before, paranormal ones.
It was evident that the reason was a lack of information or a bad faith given by the countless testimonies and research in the sector and also because of the media always mixing esoteric, magic, occult, satanism, powers and phenomena with astrology and crimes. Furthermore, why so much echo around crazy and dishonest characters who call themselves masters of life or magicians ..?
Seeking and researching on the tests and experiments which I have done around the world, I suspected that “everything” was not accidental and that beyond the fundamentalists of all kinds, who do not want people knowing
each other in order to be less self-sufficient depending on useless and secondary goods, there had to be something else.
Today the possible truth could be this:


The answer has been given by prof. B. Josephson which we have an interesting exhibition on the site of. In fact, Josephson himself highlighted the existence of a parallelism between the properties of the vacuum state of quantum mechanics and the possible quantum function of the brain, studying the results of Meditation, in particular the one made and supported by MIU.
Of course, the step towards superconductors was logical and it reminded me of my experiments in which I intuitively tracked schools for psychics in Siberia. But why in that cold place ..? The similitude and the possible theory of B. Josephson brought attention to a copper wire covered by an electrical discharge and its reaction. In fact, at normal temperature, the impulse encounters many resistances and frictions, and, operating in a chaotic and unordered way, it will tend to cease within a short time.
This does not happen if the same thing is done in the laboratory at temperatures close to absolute zero where there will be a “superconductivity” and the impulse itself could continue indefinitely.
We report everything to the nervous system, which works at around 10% of its potential, and by functioning in a chaotic way it can produce damage and even organic anomalies. It has been discovered that by operating beyond this limit, the brain and the nervous system can approach a quantum functioning that prevents degenerations of various types.
By the way, at the beginning of the 80s, I read a so interesting study on these hypotheses in a degree thesis, that I marked the date and the name of the graduating student: Sara Tabagi, who presented a thesis on Preventive Medicine for the University of Trieste and I sincerely hope that she has had a positive return from life, she deserves it.
It is easy now to have a probable and interesting working hypothesis and paranormal phenomena can be the tip of the iceberg that hides an important way to go beyond the 10% limit.
Of course, “real psychics” must be followed by specialists from various disciplines and helped to be simple and to control their ego; in fact, it has been seen in certain phenomena that, in well-controlled experiments, anomalous bioelectric activities are produced in unusual areas of the brain and of the nervous system which can mark the direction to follow.

So, we understand now that there are meaningful and better explanations about the word “Energy”. Let us inquire and experiment, it is our duty-right and the real meaning of living and being…it’s worth for all of us.

Rome, 11th April 2007

Translate by Marisa Menna and Giovanna Cacciatore

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