O.O.B.E. – Out Of Body Experience

By Umberto Di Grazia

Out Of Body Experience

Beatrice Offor, A melody, 1906

Out Of Body Experience. Already in the seventies Willis W. Harman, director of the Center for Social Policy Studies at the Stanford Institute, speaking of the need to adapt to the holistic model of life, declared: “It was in the name of science that the transcendental foundations of values humans have gradually eroded, leaving the US and advanced nations without a guide other than growth at all costs, which has led us to the current social and ecological crisis.

So when the phenomena of psychic research challenge, as they are doing, the dominant scientific paradigm in reality also confronts the dominant social paradigm.

If the new paradigm connected to the phenomenon of psychic research becomes dominant, we will have the shift from an orientation for material development to a society based on learning and programming guided by ecological and self-fulfilling ethics, the development of an open science-oriented towards the exploration of subjective experiences; the emergence of the corporation as the main institutional form in which individuals will be able to seek self-fulfillment with radically new foundations of legitimacy; the adoption of a full-employment policy, based on the human need for a job achievement; the assumption of education as a vital process intimately connected to work and not meeting the demands of an economic system intoxicated by its development”.

Even today we continue not to inform, to deny or exalt the potential that are, then, inherent in every living being. The forms of communication are well beyond the five senses and involve universal facts and laws, indeed of Multiverses, which can lead us, if better sought and recognized, to overcome the destructive, current way of surviving.

Our constant instability due to unconsciousness leads to:
– Aggression towards other living forms
– It is the right to destroy nature and beyond
– The urge to possess overall moral laws and everything, pushes towards not knowing until we become slaves to NOTHING.

Countless and continuous examples of those who tried to show something else: mystics, philosophers, many men and women fought, to scream the right to live in harmony, to follow the natural laws of fair exchange and not killing to have..! These giants of Consciousness are, only for the devotees of destroying, annoying hisses and names forgotten among the pages of some book.

The summary is that we can hardly find people balanced and happy to live .. intoxicated by the possibility of knowing themselves and the laws of the Universe and/or Multiverses. How can we have better harmony if we don’t know each other? How is it possible if as soon as you “seek explanations for sudden and particular facts” that have “fallen on you”, you find ignorant censors and despots who impose occult evil as a logical explanation and not only …?

“Do not open that door or you will end up prey to destructive forces, attentive to the energies emanating from the dead who want to remain in this dimension by sucking yours”, or something very terrifying. Or: “you can be a schizophrenic, a paranoid, an inferior being ..”, in conclusion, they also say: “trust us with some course, sessions, internships (well paid in general) we can make you go back to normal (compared to what? Someone he would say!), with his feet on the ground, ready to fight to have and not to be”.

These are the refrains for the evolution of the human soul and poisons for our mother Earth.

This is the background noise to be overcome, complex due to the lack of real references defended by fundamentalists of all types and species. I have personally traveled the world in order to say this, and I add that many “false operators” contaminate with shreds of theories, isolating them from the global discourse of Change and rediscovery of themselves and “senses” capable of uniting.

A psychic at the table, or a healer or a “traveler” conscious of the O.O.B.E. is not formed without helping and stimulating, as already said, the relationship with oneself and respect for others and what is not known.
The road has always been another and it is no coincidence that in the ancient world it was engraved in the gables of temples: “Know yourself and you will discover the secrets of the universe”.

In the phenomena, for example, of expansion of Consciousness (OOBE), it is still not well understood that, in addition to courses with those who have really had this out-of-body experience and have not been terrified (see on the site), it takes, as in all the other “anomalous events in the sector”, a change, I repeat, in the way we live, think, relate to ourselves and the life that surrounds us.

The real O.O.B.E., there are also similar forms studied by psychiatry, it requires a very particular vision of interdependence that cannot be blocked or deformed by the “normal” way of thinking, by the dualistic value that is given of the “presumed” reality. A feeling and a strong sense must be triggered in us, not well defined in words, a respect for all forms of life that are an inseparable part of ourselves and that, even if we do not know them well yet, have always tried to communicate with us.

In truth, their signals arrive but are not translated by “common” logic, poisoned by deadly conditioning.
We must accept that the best part of us does not “feel or see” the separations, does not recognize opposites, does not split up in life and death, does not perceive “apparent opposites”. Our part, beyond the common logic, feels and lives the forces as complementary to reach the ONE.

Returning to the O.O.B.E. phenomenon, it is, seen how it can appear, a highly emotional fact and can be experienced as negative. In fact, there are also those who, improperly, speak of possession and many people (even famous names) have destroyed their lives for having listened to unhealthy and unfair theories.

The “anomalous phenomena we can encounter” are not negative, but the explanations of those who, having no real experience, want to prevent individual Growth which is a right-duty for all.

We have continuous forms of communication, even if not perceived by the dominant senses, with a dimension without time-space limits, and we can, from the same, have “some” true and verifiable information that supports this innate potential … of all. Conscious and not ..! Examples? innumerable!

Who teaches a method to make the O.O.B.E known (with which it is also possible to obtain information from a “Continuous Present” ..) should, first of all, testify to it himself. Such as..? Talk about facts from the past and near future that are not yet known and ascertain their reality in what is the objective present for us (see Shamanism, writings by Mircea Eliàde, and many others ..).

In short, friends and travel friends, the many downgraded “hypersensitive” .. are “paths” that unite us with more real-life and cannot be confused with anything else, nor with those who market to own .. and not for Being.
Follows a “historical” work done by the IRC on the phenomenology of the O.O.B.E. and complementary facts.
It is a summary, the material is enormous, taken from various texts of which we give references in the bibliography.

Have a good journey with companions and travel companions.

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