On Board Manual

On board manual

On board manual. Welcome on to our raft!
Here is our on-board manual:
Distribute uniformly: we should not all go to one of the side edges because otherwise we would overturn; we must not believe too much or deny a priori, nor put ourselves all aft believing to rise, nor all in the bow, believing we can see the bottom well, because we will overturn.

Let us inform ourselves, let’s join our real knowledge and all together let’s move our hands in the water to go in the same direction.
We reach the True Way to unite with the Unconscious Consciousness.

Today more than ever it is necessary to develop Consciousness for our well-being and for the vitality of scientific research.
We are committed to developing the awareness of what we are, of the forms of thought, of how we can improve, of what we want to do.
The Research Institute of Conscience, founded by Umberto di Grazia, was created to find a meeting point between techniques, energy therapies, unusual phenomena and scientific research.

– Some studies to start with –

In 1989 the conclusions of the studies of P.E.A.R. Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, published in the journal ‘Foundation of Physics’, documented the existence of psychic phenomena and in particular “the influence of the power of thought on matter”, with experiments of MicroPk (Psychokinesi).
The experts in charge, Jessica Utts of the Division of Statistic University of California Davis and the psychologist Ray Hyman, known for his skepticism, carried out their investigation on Remote Viewing and agreed that: “The statistical evidence in favor of RV (Remote Viewing) is overwhelming “.

While Hyman insisted that there must be another explanation, not knowing which, Utts, in his report to the US government declared: “Using the standard criteria of judgment is absolutely proven the existence of psychic powers. The results have proved to be reproducible in well-designed experiments “and concluding,” It is recommended that the US government not waste additional resources in experiments aimed at proving the existence of such phenomena, because this has already been widely tested. Instead, it is advisable to finance studies to try to understand how such psychic abilities work and how they can be extended “.

In 1995, the scientists appointed by the Congress of the United States of America, to evaluate the results of research carried out on extrasensory perceptions, wrote in their report that: “The evidence of these phenomena is overwhelming”.
Subsequently, the Nobel Prize winner for physics, Brian D. Josephson, confirmed in an article the positive evaluations on psychic phenomena and their implications for social development.

The astronaut and American scientist Edgar D. Mitchell, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences of Palo Alto in California, wrote in the preface of his work “Psychic Exploration”: “Evidence of Psychical Research suggests that humanity has a enormous unused potential “and explains,” it leads us to a highly provocative conclusion: the image that science has made of man and the universe must be completely revised. To do this, to bring a new light on the enigma of the human being, science must eradicate not only dogmatic and blindly rigid attitudes, but above all it must free itself of many philosophical foundations that have long supported it at the base “.
Scientific and valid research in these fields of knowledge are many, even if not well disclosed, and have shown that these potentials exist and the phenomena, under a serious control, are repeatable.

Through the site we will discuss the various issues related to these fields of investigation in order to develop a collaboration with all those who want to participate and hoping to stimulate in your Consciousness a new dimension of Research.

Good surfing to all!

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