by Umberto Di Grazia


Many years ago, we are in the 60-70s, I was attracted by spontaneous signs that appeared on people’s skin, especially after strong emotions! This was repeated with men, women and children of all social levels and different ethnicities (as noted in my long travels around the world).
I noticed the most interesting “signs” at the end of the 60s and early 70s, among the researchers of the “Man Size Group” of which I was part: we observed and discussed, with doctors, psychiatrists and scientists of various disciplines, the signs that had appeared in an of Santa Maria della Pietà in Rome: in addition to suffering from mental disorders he was also an alcoholic and, in moments of excessive abstinence, the inscription – in block letters – “WINE” appeared on his back, produced by “involuntary” ruptures of subcutaneous capillaries …!
I collected other testimonies at the time when I was an air force officer at an operational airbase. Often some of my fellow pilots, after heavy exercises, had signs on the skin produced by redness, scratches not justified by their suit or other, geometric shapes due to the increase of static energies on the emerging hairs that recalled ancient Egyptian, Hittite and/or signs of languages ​​unknown to me and to us. All this, of course, was not spread but only passed between us ..!
I was well acquainted with these “inexplicable writings”, I had seen them on my father, a pilot officer up to the rank of general.
Of course, I began to tell myself that “maybe they were signs of a deep part of us that tries to communicate with us as a prevailing logic not knowing our thinking and speaking with words ..!”
The observation of many years, in particular from 2000 to 2004 confirmed this hypothesis.


I deeply feel the hypothesis that in us all the self-defence systems have atrophied due to the various poisons we absorb and why this line is not supported as it should.
DNA studies have shown that we could live, not as old people, until the age of 180-210 if “something” did not act against.
I therefore intensified the observation and the possible useful things that can be done.
I have often asked myself: “Do you want to see that our deepest parts, which do not know the words as we have created them, send us graffiti to help us defend ourselves, heal us and overcome moments No ..?” –
“Do we have more than what we believe ..?” –
“Do we depend too much on the outside precisely for the incorrect observation of ourselves ..?”
The facts have given the answer and reason to these questions!
With the assistance of friendly doctors and professionals, I then began to mark – with a grease pencil – what appears on the skin while I speak and talk to the patient about generic facts about him and we freely let us tell what he feels like saying, and at the same time sending the warmth of my hands (higher infrared emission than an average person) to the points of the spine handed down by ancient disciplines.
After about 5-8 minutes, it is a constant, significant changes in the skin begin to emerge, both in colour and in the enlargement of veins and capillaries, and ancient or instantaneous graphs. We observe them, highlight them, photograph them and show them to the patient.
Well, the cases of improvement and healing outweighed the rates of random healing.


Armando S.

Armando1 Armando2

Person of about 140 kg and 50 years old, he could not sleep for a month, his wife is in the medical sector of a hospital in Milan, and he could not even put on stockings due to the pain and consequent stiffness of his movements. Marks appeared, we highlighted them, we photographed them, and we showed them to them. After two hours the annoyances were reduced by about 70%, the day after they disappeared and to date, April 21st 2014, after 52 days, they still haven’t returned.

Andrea F.

Andrea 1 Andrea 2 Andrea3

A woman in a No moment, with tensions and self-doubt despite her value that she no longer feels.
Symbols appeared that mark his moment of having to make a decision and block (wall and Y) and after seeing, as usually happens, the Emerged Symbols, he began after twenty days to feel that he was gaining strength, dissolving some nodes of behaviour, was more accepted with also possible turning points in the work. His anxiety and insomnia gradually diminished… until they disappeared ..!

Aurora D.

Doctor of medicine, she underwent these tests. She had no trouble, well balanced and happy with her job. Well, we started! “Signs” appeared indicating a railway, a small square building (possible toll booth) and in particular the shape, seen from the front, of a car.
Alessandra was shocked since, years earlier, she had lost her parents, killed by a driver on the pedestrian crossing, in an area similar to the one that appeared on the skin of her back.

These examples are indicative and we can add many others but in this context, they would only repeat the principle of what has been highlighted and discovered.
Questions, many and noteworthy considerations, but it is up to us to organize and classify, with our professional friends, the next tests and make any results public.
In conclusion, it occurs to me that perhaps even the birth of tattoos in the primitive and ancient world may have something to do with this principle of “messages to and from our deepest part”.

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