Reflections on a man.

Taken from the text “Viaggio nel Tutto” by Umberto Di Grazia

ReflectionsReflections. What do we know about the energies that we emanate and that surround us? Very little.
For this reason, we should not deny its existence a priori or, even worse, not give adequate disclosure to some research.
Studies on “healers”, even if partial, have been done by some willing researcher.
Among the most interesting are those started, a few years ago, by some scholars of the Faculty of Psychiatry of the University of Montreal and by the Faculty of Physiology of the University of Manitoba in Canada. They took 2,000 mice as guinea pigs.

All were given the same type of wound by removing a small piece of skin. Half of the mice were entrusted to a healer who, for sixteen consecutive days, applied his hands to the cages twice a day for two minutes. Eventually, the animals treated in this way showed a much more advanced state of healing than the others who had been left to their natural evolution.

In Rome, I followed many “mummification” experiments through the application of hands. They took place mainly in this way.
A slice of beef was divided into several parts, depending on the number of psychics who took part in the experiment.
Thus it was observed that the piece of meat kept in an analysis laboratory, without any intervention, followed the normal decomposition processes, the others appeared to be devoid of liquids, lighter, compact as if they were “mummified”.

The people who obtained the best results were Mr Alex D’Angelo and Mrs Rosa Ferri, both from Rome. After three days of applications, lasting a total of twenty minutes, they managed to produce the phenomenon of mummification in all the experiments carried out.
It is very difficult to say how this “faculty” can intervene on various types of diseases and be useful for the purpose of healing. Special observations should be made that very few have the interest to pursue. Historically there is no lack of examples and reliable references.

In 1913, psychic Durville mummified a human hand after it had been stored in ice for about three weeks. His system was to focus with the mind and then move the thing to treat his hands, and especially the palm and fingertips.
Various tests were also carried out on plants, shoots, parasitic fungi and interesting results were not lacking.

In the Italian edition of the book The Mysterious Forces of Man by Werner Keller we can read: “Towards the end of the 1960s, news of tests on parasitic fungi arrived from France. In collaboration with the Bordeaux Institute of Agronomy, the doctor Jean Barry tried to verify the possibility of negative psychokinesis, that is, he tried to cause an inhibitory effect in the growth of parasites. Rizoctònia Solani was chosen, germ of various diseases of potatoes, the fungus was placed in ten trays filled with earth. After an incubation period, the experiment was started. The chosen person-focused each time on five trays, for a quarter of an hour at a distance of one and a half meters, in order to prevent the take root and multiplication of a parasite. The analysis revealed the perfect success of the experiment”.

A few years ago, the British psychic Mattew Manning began similar experiments in a Texas research centre, also applying to cultures of cancer cells.
In all these attempts there is the hope of finding new types of energy.
An Italian scientist and researcher, open and possible, interviewed by me, said: “There is a strong thermal radiation from the palm of the hand as a result of its muscular structure. It can be calculated that the transformation of glycogen into lactic acid under biological conditions involves a loss of free energy equivalent to about 57,000 calories for each glycolic “O” hexacarbonate unit of the muscle fibre. Three new energy phosphoric bonds are formed at the same time and the amount of energy stored in the form of energy bonds amounts to about 30,000 calories, corresponding to 50/55% of the total free energy loss.”

This is what happens in the muscle extract of that area and it is very likely that in the intact muscle cell, because the experiment was done through surgical removal, the energy captured could be even higher. If you think that the efficiency of one of the most modern steam turbines rarely reaches 50%, it is evident that the muscle can optimally exploit the energy made available to it.
This energy is radiated with tremendous rapidity.

– Question: So if one contracts the muscles of the thumb, does the emission of energy increase?
-Answer: Certainly.
-Question: In addition to the infrared rays that cause a considerable development of heat, the researchers have noticed another type of unidentified energy that they have called “Quid Energetic”. What can you say about it?
-Answer: This is a hotly debated issue. Right here is the centre of the discussion.

It is very simplistic to talk only about calories, because these are also in other parts of the body and if you want, so to speak, also in various types of stoves. But perhaps the solution is this: that while in an infrared heater the emission is homogeneous and not concentrated, the hand seems to come out strongly concentrated and channelled.
All of this, of course, changes from individual to individual. Some people manage to relax the muscle they touch with their hand, others have no results. Some skin surfaces on the hand have more heat receptors than others.

The rattlesnake, for example, has a strong concentration of heat-sensitive nerve cells. Between the eye and the nostril, on an area of about one square centimetre of skin, it has more or less 150,000 heat-sensitive nerve cells, compared to about 3 that humans have in the same space. This allows it to hunt its prey by following the heat rays it emanates. Many doctors, to see if there is an inflammatory process, touch the symmetrical parts of the body with their hand to feel if there are differences in heat. Some feel them and those who do not perceive anything.

Those people, studied by parapsychology, who can identify the diseased areas in a person, it seems that they can do so because there is a greater presence of thermal receptors in their hand.

These are concentrated in the fingertips. Many people can distinguish colours with their eyes closed through the various sensations they perceive. This is what we know of the radiation emitted by the hand, the rest is yet to be proven. It is suspected. On the other hand, we live in a very limited range of information. With sight, for example, we only see what is between ultraviolet and infrared and we do not capture what is beyond.

– We do not know if there are receptors in us that are involved.
– In the evolution of billions of years many species have become extinct, but most likely several of these will have been sensitive to radiations completely different from ours. We are the result of a long selection and our receptivity is reduced to what surrounds us. This does not exclude that in some people there may be some microstructures sensitive to energies that are no longer frequent in humans.

To ascertain this we should examine the layers of a muscle, on a histological level, that can be found in a subject with paranormal powers and compare them with others taken by people defined as normal. But these are researches that, for various reasons, no one will ever do. Among other things, there is still no case in the literature of a healer who left his body to have him studied from this point of view. Yet this research should be done. Because they would be the most serious.
But who is subsidizing you for such a job? You could even biopsy a real healer. How many are they? Generally, those who practice this profession do so for gain and their healings are only obtained by suggestion. However, if those few true healers were also examined from the biopsy point of view, one could perhaps determine something that has disappeared. Perhaps it existed billions of years ago and the selection has worked out for some reason we don’t know.
I am of this opinion: there could be something scientific.

Can the human body be seen detached from cosmic events? I do not think so. The studies of Professor Giorgio Piccardi are proof of this.
At the end of the 1950s, through chemical tests, Piccardi demonstrated the influence of forces outside the earth on some terrestrial phenomena. The life and work carried out by the professor, who passed away in 1972, deserve a separate discussion.

Like all great minds who work for man, he was constantly attacked by those who did not understand the true meaning of research. Only today, after the intervention of other foreign scholars such as Arnold Lieber, professor of psychiatry at the University of Florida, who ascertained the influence of the moon on human behaviour and physiology, and the studies of the biologist Harry Rounds, of the University of Wichita which noted how the heart rate accelerates during the periods of full moon and new moon, the speech was taken up with greater attention.

Many, in the meantime, had forgotten the Italian researcher. His book Le Basi-chimiche della Climatologia Medica is almost impossible to find. It is easier to get a copy of the American edition, printed in 1962, or one of those published in the Soviet countries in 1967. Fortunately, there is still someone who cares about disseminating his ideas and experiments.
The best article I have read on this topic was written by Giuseppe Bonacina in the alternative science monthly “Quasar” of November 1979.
Among other things, he says: “From 1951 Piccardi undertook to perform, at fixed times of each day, a very simple reaction: the formation and flocculation in water of an inorganic colloid (bismuth oxychloride). After years of work and based on the results of hundreds of thousands of tests, he was able to show that the speed of this reaction fluctuates over time in substantial agreement with the fluctuations of some space variables (geomagnetic field, solar activity, etc.); the same reaction is even capable of accusing certain singularities of the motion of the Earth within the galaxy. The results of the test, while proving the existence of “floating phenomena”, shed light on a series of observations and research in very different fields.
Some German chemists had, since the 1940s, studied the changing behaviour of certain substances called “Watte-rempfindlich” (sensitive to atmospheric weather) had shown that the precipitation in water of certain compounds occurred differently if carried out outdoors or under a copper screen. However, some methodological and lack of continuity reduced the scope of the results of these trials.
Even in industry, in the critical stages of certain processes (flotation of metals, fulling of wool, etc.), the “Fluctuating phenomena” had made their appearance.

Sometimes, in fact, even though operating under standard conditions, unexplained drawbacks were complained of: failure to trigger a reaction, imperfect formation of mixtures and so on. The “obvious” explanation was that of a technical error (which could not be found, however) and the consequences were therefore limited to economic damage.

In biology, the Japanese Takata had shown, through a series of experiments started in the 30s, that the blood clotting times were subject to significant fluctuations in the day, the seasons and the years.
In the same period the Soviet Tchiyevski could highlight, based on accurate documentary reconstructions, synchronicity between the frequency of many diseases (especially in epidemic) and the pace of solar activity.

In all the examples reported, which represent a small sample of those available, the fluctuating nature of the phenomena at stake appears evident.
The trend of many processes, both in the inorganic and living world, therefore appears conditioned, in different ways and at different levels of complexity, by the presence of “floating phenomena”.
According to an empirical law formulated by Piccardi, give rise to “floating Phenomena” all sufficiently complex heterogeneous systems and not in thermodynamic equilibrium. This definition includes many chemical systems (colloids, suspended polymers, etc.) and practically all biological systems. In any case, these are “open” systems, which cannot be isolated from the environment, capable of responding to external signals, even of a very small entity and sometimes with disproportionately large effects compared to the causes.

The common element is water, the solvent of life, the most widespread and unusual liquid on Earth; it is therefore likely that water performs the function of mediator of space forces. However, an exhaustive explanation of the mechanisms by which spatial forces exert their influence on reacting systems, to the point of correlating complex phenomena so different from each other (such as, for example, diseases with solar activity), is lacking so far. But the fact remains that the phenomenology observed is real and that it must be taken into account when necessary. And in this sense Piccardi’s test occupies a place of fundamental importance.

Unlike living systems, inorganic systems respond passively to spatial forces, without putting in place defence mechanisms to safeguard their internal balance and without being affected by accidental factors (state of nutrition, hereditary heritage, etc.).

Piccardi’s test therefore constitutes an “objective” and easily repeatable model, an index of the general biotrophic situation (such as temperature, pressure, etc.); and its fluctuation constitutes a reference for more complex research in the biological and human fields.
Precisely from “floating phenomena” could come a new and valuable contribution to the study of the relationship between man and the environment”.

In addition to the known ecological problems, in how many other ways can the delicate balance of human life be altered? An example was given to us, some twenty years ago, by the Soviets when they subjected the American Embassy in Moscow to a continuous bombardment of microwave beams. The news came out after many years in some newspapers. No one, once again, was urged to go to the bottom of the matter. Maybe someone wouldn’t like it.

In America in 1977, the journalist Paul Brodeur, in his book The Zapping of America, has amply demonstrated, bringing the work of many researchers, as human life is put in jeopardy by electromagnetic radiation.
In March 1978 an official report by the US Congress concluded that: “Everyone is continuously exposed to radiation (radios and microwaves) which has become a national problem due to its rapid spread and its potential risks to public health.” (Published in «Panorama» on 22 August 1978).

In the same article it is also reported that: «Establishing what are the real damages of this diffuse radiation is not easy. Unlike radioactivity, which can kill living tissue by inducing chemical transformations in it, electromagnetic radiation appears to have the primary effect of heating cells. Some, however, believe that the risks may also be of another nature, as some facts seem to indicate».

Among these, for example:

– the increase in the number of cases of cancer and heart attack in Karelia, a desolate region of Finland, following the entry into operation of a powerful radar on the border with the Soviet Union;
– research carried out in the USSR and Eastern Europe linking low levels of radiation to headaches, irritability, memory loss and appetite;
– chromosomal damage in animal cells exposed to microwaves and brain abnormalities in irradiated embryos;
– a series of research carried out by Andrew Marino, of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Syracuse, in the United States, on high voltage cables.
“Right under the wires,” says Marino, “there is a delay in growth. At 100-150 meters, the biochemistry of the blood and the electroencephalogram are altered. At 300 meters, behavior is affected, for example by slowing down reflexes”.
Up to now, I have talked about the energies of the hand, the existence of fluctuating phenomena, how life can be damaged by certain products of technology in addition to those known to be known. All this to underline how difficult it is to analyze any phenomenon without an interdisciplinary study.

If we want to understand something, we absolutely must ask for everyone’s help.
The theories on which “Biorhythm” is based, generally, poorly known, involve various sectors of science and are yet another testimony of a vital dynamism.

Luciano Biordi, president of the C.R.A.B. (Biorhythm Applications Research Center) in Rome, told me:
“Each of us, in the course of our lives, has been able to see how there are days when everything is dealt with brilliantly, with physical and intellectual energy above the normal average, while on other days it seems more tiring to carry out the usual occupations. This phenomenon, common to all, has a simple and logical explanation: at the moment of birth, each being is inserted into the vast multiplicity of the rhythms of nature (the alternation of day and night, seasons, tides, etc.). Furthermore, detached from the maternal body, it starts its rhythms (exhalation and inhalation, sleep and wakefulness etc.); the consequent observation is that in the universe there is nothing that has a linear trend, but everything is born, develops and dies according to constant curves of highs and lows. Therefore, also the individual energy, under the physical, psychic and intellectual aspects, proceeds according to these constant curves whose amplitude was already known since ancient times.

The modern researcher, from the examination of thousands of events, and the comparative study in the fields of biology, medicine, psychology, mathematics and astrology, has been able to scientifically validate these constants, obtaining the possibility of establishing a priori the potential of energy of a person on a certain date or during a fixed period.

Given that the amplitude of the three rhythms mentioned (physical, mental and intellectual) is different for each of them, it follows that in every day of our life we have situations of different potential, regarding the favourable or unfavourable aspect of the day itself.

This favourable or unfavourable situation can be, as mentioned, predetermined with a strictly mathematical calculation, considering the number of rhythmic periods lived from birth to the day that we are interested in examining. In countries where scientific research is more advanced, biorhythm is used in the most varied fields such as medicine, civil and military aviation, public transport, police, school, teamwork, etc. …

The immediate advantage for each of us is that of being able to pre-order our commitments, by examining our biorhythm, avoiding unfavourable days for important jobs or initiatives, for physical or intellectual efforts, anticipating or postponing these to energetically favourable days.

Here are some examples of how this discipline has been applied since 1944:
In Switzerland, where biorhythms is a school subject in high school. In many European and American clinics and hospitals, in addition to the patient’s medical record, there is a biorhythm trace, to follow the course of the disease, to pre-order surgical interventions and to administer drugs, especially cortisone.

In Japan a chair has been established for years at the University of Tokyo, in this same city for five years, following the indications of the biorhythm, the messengers of telegrams and parcels (which carry out the distribution using motorcycles with sidecars), have almost eliminated accidents.

United Air, the largest American domestic company, receives the biorhythm data of 28,000 employees daily from the computer centre.
In confirmation of this speech, we have received very precise news from Russia.

In the ANSA press release dated January 29, 1980 it was written: “To make the most of their employees’ abilities and avoid their injuries, some Soviet companies are making use of the “Theory of Biorhythms”.

A large shipping company, that of the Baltic, for example, gives each sailor on board a postcard showing his biorhythms, specially developed by a special medical “team” that uses electronic computers.
Similar systems have been successfully adopted by some precision industries and by numerous transport companies in Leningrad, a city in whose shops it is possible to buy “personal biorhythm calculators”: Professor Tatyana Zhuravleva told the Soviet agency TAS, at the vanguard in the USSR in the studies on this new branch of medicine.

“According to the theory of biorhythms”, explained prof. Zhuravleva “the activity of the human organism is at its peak at the moment of birth and then varies rhythmically throughout life. The period of physical activity is 23 days, that of emotional activity is 28 days and that of intellectual activity is 33 days. The day of transition from a positive to a negative period and vice versa is particularly critical. On this day, people are more distracted and angry than usual. This condition is very intense when the critical days of two or three biorhythms coincide”.
According to Professor Zhuravleva this new medical theory, already used for the preparation of athletes, is very useful in transport engineering and precision industries, especially those optical and chemical ones.

The discovery of “Endorphins” has greatly expanded the field of research, offering very interesting mechanisms and solutions. For this reason, some therapies, such as Hypnosis, can be seen with a fairer perspective. Starting from the latter, I asked questions to Dr Lorenzo Corsi, surgeon, paediatrician and psychosomatic, member of an interdisciplinary research group, who told me:

“Many definitions have been given on hypnosis, but we can say that it is a third stage of man, inherent in his mentality, his personality. There are three stages of consciousness: that of wakefulness, that of sleep, and that of hypnosis. Professor Guarneri, holder of the only chair of Psychosomatics in Pavia, argues that hypnosis is a psychoparanormal state characterized by an almost unlimited production of images stimulated by both exogenous stimulations, i.e. conducted by the hypnologist, and endogenous, in the sense of mechanisms associative of the patient. To this psychic state correspond modifications or changes on a somatic level. Therefore, hypnosis is a psychosomatic process supported by a particular state of man’s mind as congenial to him as are wakefulness and sleep. It is a stage called: the third congenial stage of man.

The latest discoveries tend to show that, contrary to what has been believed to date, hypnosis also has therapeutic properties.
Swedish researchers have identified the production of enkephalins, natural morphine, called endorphins. These are produced automatically and autonomously, at the level of the spinal cord, whenever there is a need to block, at the level of the first neuron, the transmission of pain sensitivity from the periphery to the pain centres of the brain.

After this discovery, understanding how with hypnosis, acupuncture and even with pranotherapy, the production of these substances could be automatically stimulated, the step was short. In this way it was finally possible to explain why with hypnosis a headache, a colic disappeared and, very importantly, an analgesia or even a profound anaesthesia could be produced, such as to allow operative interventions.

Hypnosis thus became not only a means through which to practice psychotherapy but itself, already as a state of consciousness at the technical level only, a real therapy for pain”.

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