Remote viewing. Umberto Di Grazia’s method

How my remote vision method was born

by Umberto Di Grazia

methodUmberto Di Grazia’s method. Many years ago, in the 1960s-‘70s, I was attracted by spontaneous signs that appeared on people’s skin, particularly after strong emotions.
This occurred repeatedly with men, women and children of all social and ethnic groups (as noted in my long trips around the world).

The most interesting “signs” were noted by me in the late ’60s early’ 70s, as member of the scientists of the “Gruppo Dimensione Uomo” (Human Dimension Group): we observed and talked with doctors, psychiatrists and scientists from various disciplines, about the signs appearing on a person who was hospitalized in Santa Maria della Pietà -Hospital in Rome. He did not only suffer from mental disorders but also from alcoholism and in his major teetotalism the writing “WINE”, in capital letters, appeared on his back’s skin, due to “casual” capillary vessel ruptures.

More other testimonies were gathered by me as officer of the Italian Air Force. Some of my fellow pilots after hard trainings, had marks on their skin produced by redness, scratches, not justified by their suits or others, geometric shapes due to the raise of the static energy on surface hair that looked like unknown ancient Egyptian, Hittites and/or of other languages’ symbols. All this, of course, was not widespread but only passed between us. But I recognized those “unexplained scriptures” because I had seen them on my father who was a pilot officer.

I began to think that “maybe those were signs of our deep part who were trying to communicate with us as prevailing logic, not knowing our thinking and speaking with words …!” Observations of many years, from 2000 to 2004, confirmed the assumption that in us the communication is far beyond the five senses and all what we know.

Going on with researches and experiments also emerged, as many researchers, know that it is possible to achieve data and information of places, objects and people and to influence the state of health.

Our experiment, coordinated by professor Mario Bruschi (Theoretical Physics at Sapienza University of Rome) highlighted more evident the ability to communicate between persons beyond the five senses. The experiments about the potential of human mind, were active in government use and still they are.

Key experiment

One of the important experiments about remote mental influence, related to the improvement of health conditions, was the one of Elisabeth Targ, daughter of well-known Russell Targ:

methodElisabeth Targ is a psychiatrist and researcher who introduced the therapeutic intent to the rigor of science and became herself subject of a test. In July 1995 when AIDS was still a death sentence, Elisabeth Targ conducted a test on 20 end-stage patients at San Francisco Medical Center. All patients received conventional care, but 10 of them were subject to remote therapy by “healers” who prayed for them.

None of the patients knew to which group they were assigned to and after six months of studies, 4 of the traditional therapies cured patients died, while the other 10 which had been cured with remote therapy are still alive.

A new study conducted in 1996 confirmed, through a more stringent protocol, the validity of the effectiveness of the therapeutic intent made in remote. Determinant is to understand that beyond our dominant logic the coordinates time-space don’t exist: what exists is what many call Present Continuous.

The method
But how to come mostly into contact with this unique dimension?
Also here, after years of attempts, I realized that it must not be thought with words but we must try to create inside us forms and then visualize them without contaminating with what we use in a waking state communication, therefore without defining with words!
A period rich of satisfaction that still continues, began.

I understood that this was also true for the attempt to heal myself and the others, just by ” visualizing inside us” the sick organ and to think it healthy, excluding so far the language of the words. I documented myself objectively on the structures of the human body and that of the animals and the results, positive and not explainable, didn’t miss luckily; however always inferior to what I could think.

After various jobs, particularly with the Mobius Group, with the Remote Vision, our Therapeutic Intent (IT), the Hayden and Amatores Lucis units, we realized that one or more persons, if prepared with a well devised method, can reach with the own mind-thought, another person at distance both geographically and ever over time.

Two highly meaningful results are so produced:
1. The immune system of the sought person through the “Other Senses” (Therapeutic Intent TI) can be boosted;
2. Scenic data of the environment and elements (colors, odors, emerging elements, sounds, et cetera) useful for the exact localisation (Remote Vision RV) of the places and also of possible events, out of time-space dimension can be perceived.

Our operators are therefore trained to visualize, i.e. to create interiorly forms without interferences of logical thoughts linked to words:
The 5 × 5 Breathing (5 seconds inspiration and 5 expiration) is very important as it leads to a balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic system and to the synchronization of the frequencies emitted by the heart with those of the brain. This also allows to be more intuitive through the intrinsic potential of the heart.

Depending on the experiments, in order to overcome the background noise and the censure of logical thinking, the need of the logical mind to have an object to refer to has to be satisfied. For example, in the case of the modification of DNA in remote (read articles on the site: Modification of the structure of the equine DNA by focused intention of a remote unit-tests in June 2015 , and modification of the structure of the equine DNA through focused intent of a remote unit – tests in December 2014), knowing that “something” had to be given to the logical mind, we told the person to keep in their hands a cord or a double elastic and to roll and unroll it.

In another experiment, in trying to improve a water sample taken from a source in Ronciglione (Viterbo) we agreed to visualize water flowing into the rock (which, inter alia, purifies the chemical composition of the water’s harmful elements) and to keep in background the ringing sound of flowing water.

This always to stimulate the creation of form without words. An element, already proven by many researchers in thousands experiments, came out for which the energy of thought is out of space and time and is free from the laws that govern the physical life of the particles! To demonstrate this, we were advised about 8 days before the test, but the changing of the samples had started yet the very next day.

In all the tests performed over the years we have always had superior results to the index of casuality, stressing that although we do not know, we are better than what we were led to believe, and restoring dormant senses we will have a better future and a real society.

As Mr. Willis Harman said in the ’70s :
“It was in the name of science that the transcendental bases of human values have gradually eroded, leaving the US and developed nations without a guide who was not only growth at any costs, and that led to the current social and ecological crisis. So, when the phenomena of psychic research defy the dominant scientific paradigm, actually they face also the dominant social paradigm.
If the new paradigm linked to the phenomenon of psychic research will become dominant we will have a movement from the orientation for material development to a society based on learning and programming led by an ecological and self-realization ethics; the development of an open science towards the exploration of the subjective experiences; the coming out of the corporation as the main institutional form in which individuals can seek self-realization with radically new legitimacy bases; the adoption of a policy of full employment, based on the human need for a realization in the work; the assumption of the education as a vital process deeply connected to work and not to meet the demands of an economic system intoxicated by its own development.”

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