A meeting between spiritual seekers

On September 12 they met in Assisi, under the solicitation of the American researcher Stephan A. Schwartz
(with which Di Grazia has collaborated in numerous experiments for over twenty years), our president and physicist Mario Bruschi with the well-known researcher Russell Targ.

During the meeting, the strategies and methodologies of research work were discussed. Di Grazia discussed, and objected, about the method to help psychics to make usable information emerge, thus “translating” it from perceived to language.

Knowing the difficulties that the psychic encounters in this type of operation, Di Grazia stressed the need to recover the importance of the psychic, too often used as a guinea pig thus distorting those motivations and emotions that are precisely at the basis of feeling and therefore fundamental for a correct outcome of the experiments.

Russell Targ, the well-known American physicist and researcher, we remember him, is one of the pioneers of laser technology and its applications in the field of communications. He was co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute investigating psychic abilities department.
His work in this research area, called Remote Viewing, was published in Nature, The Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (the standardization body known to computer scientists with the acronym IEEE) and on Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
During his career he received many awards (including two NASA awards) in 1983 and in 84 he was invited to the Academy of Sciences in Russia where he gave demonstrations on Remote Viewing.
He is co-author of several books on the scientific research of psychic abilities, and of their use in CIA and NASA operations (some also published in Italy – see Recommended Texts).
He is currently at the ESP research center in Palo Alto in California.

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