From the research carried out in the last ten years on water and DNA on remote effects, the results of which are found in two papers published by Neuroquantology and International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, we have shown that it is possible to obtain, by remote Intention, the modification structural DNA and the variation in the concentration of some chemical-physical parameters of water, highly significant from a statistical point of view with the use of the t-Test; the tests were repeatedly carried out by remote intention and through the Umberto Di Grazia Method. Metodo Umberto Di Grazia.

The Test Gigaw is an experiment that aims to improve water quality in Lake Vico (located in the Viterbo area).
The waters of Lake Vico are polluted for years and the health risks are known to all.
The experiment took place in several phases.

Phase 1:
They were taken water samples from the lake and processed through the remote intention with the Umberto Di Grazia method.
The aim was to make water samples drinkable by decreasing arsenic and bacteria.
The results of the analyzes then carried out showed a significant decrease in mean conductivity and
Escherichia coli.

Phase 2:
Second phase: The water previously treated was then poured into the Lake in five precise points to form a Pentagon, following Umberto’s indications based on sacred geometry.

Phase 3:
After 5 days another sample was taken from the same area of the lake;
the analyzes carried out show predictable microbial fluctuations, a notable lowering of the pH, which has gone unexplainable with the microclimatic variations of the lake; the pH obtained can be considered healthier, the values are very similar to the pH of the blood. (7,35-7,45)
It is advisable to repeat the experiment, unique in its kind, where from the remote intention on minimal samples treated in the laboratory.
We have moved to the intention extended to the whole lake.
we can only guess the significant benefits brought to the lake, which from a pH = 9.00, at the limit of potability, has passed to pH = 7.34 which is decidedly healthier and in line with the ecological parameters of the lake. It should be remembered that this test confirms the previous results obtained on DNA and on water in the last ten years.

The energy of the mind goes beyond words and acts on matter.

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