Spiritism and possible realities

By Umberto Di Grazia

spiritismI hoped, I wished with all my strength, that with the passing of the years it would come to a conception of life, and in particular of death, closer to a possible reality … and instead still dominates the dogma, and the superficial spaces also between serious people, honest, motivated to know.

You could write for years on this topic, I will now try to summarize what I have experienced and I find useful for many.
In the early 1960s, I also started with spiritualism. I was lucky enough to meet a serious and honest group in the intentions that had been carrying out a job for over thirty years. His medium was dead, better to say “he had crossed the threshold of the visible”, and the group was looking for someone who could close the stories he had accumulated with mediumistic sessions of various types and with spontaneous or direct writing, the one that leads you to writing or seeing writing without thought influencing content.

I was chosen, I had various types of phenomena, including sound, light, and physical. I started and from the first meeting I was very impressed by the dog that survived the medium, a poodle. I was sitting with the others, around a round table, and he jumped on me, licking my face, happy … as if he had seen his missing master …!
Well, I went on for some time, I felt comfortable with them and together we ended a story about the ancient world, immediately after the impact of the great meteorite of thousands of years ago.
An unknown world was looming more and more precise with names of places, types of plants and animals, names of people and … then over the years … I was able to find almost everything and very precisely. During those meetings, there was also talk of channel systems that brought water to present-day Sudan, passing through the forests of the time in the Sahara (things found since the 1970s with satellites and space probes …!).

During these experiences, I realized that even my dreams had become clearer and I retained their memory better.
After a few months, however, during the sessions that started around 22.00 and ended in the morning between 4.00 and 6.00, I realized that what I said or wrote, in various ways, passed through my mind, and so I started talking directly to the my voice, which, depending on the characters, changed in tone and tone.

In the environment the word spread, I had various proposals but I preferred to go out and investigate according to what made me feel freer.
I understood that any medium translates only a small part of what he perceives, today I would say “that he already has within himself” …, and if he is not honest he has the opportunity to manipulate to create dependence in people and in the environment in which he lives.

Another serious problem was to touch with your own hands how much living in dualism (day-night, beautiful-ugly, life-death …) limits the research process, and builds the alleged Beyond as a mirror form of the world from here.
Nothing could be more wrong, since this way of life does not make you free at all and creates dangerous addictions if you do not have the right balance.
Negative examples? Lots. How many are those who do not move if they have not previously consulted a “possible presence”, alone with automatic writing, or through alleged mediums? I have seen everything, people who have sold off important houses and properties, dissipated capital, have become arrogant to follow the indications that gradually flowed.

But then is it all a scam? No, absolutely, but one must be very careful not to depend, not to feel elected, not to put one’s life in the hands of such an imperfect instrument. Some groups, which have carried out research on the level of philosophy or the line towards Consciousness, on the other hand, have drawn from it for themselves and the other important references and testimonies.

What do I want to tell you

Anyone with minimal experience in this sector knows that, in addition to the physical part, the laws that govern us in the visible disappear and give “space” to something else. There are no sensations related to human desire, you do not feel or see the negative, you perceive that you are in a larger reality and free from judgment and from small, and often terrifying, human concepts.

Yet someone insists that the energies of the dead can damage, hinder, desire. Those who say it create confusion, showing that they project their human fears into a dimension that is devoid of them.Una cosa dimostrata invece è che nei luoghi dove avvengono fatti molto forti e drammatici rimane un’impronta che permane, a volte per secoli, in un “non tempo”.
I started by analyzing the room of a hotel in the north of Rome where, for about 15 years, we had seen the shape (three-dimensional and transparent) of a boy around 18 years of age who crossed the room, well dressed and with a tie, and then launched from the window. The fact had happened in reality years before, and all sensitive people and in particular conditions (generally when very physically tired) saw it and/or perceived it. Its action repeated itself and there was no possibility of interacting or changing that progression of images.

The same happened to me in various castles, one in particular at the gates of Siena, where a woman with long hair appeared who sat and combed her hair.

Another experience instead, louder in tone, in a hotel in Massa Carrara. I was there to shoot an episode of a television broadcast, and going to bed I felt as if I was weighed down, feeling a present force that I could not see. My body temperature suddenly dropped – this always happens, and a young woman came to meet me and mentally transmitted her story, her illness, her medical boyfriend, her going beyond life.

After some research, everything was confirmed by one of the current receptionists, his friend of studies. He too had these “apparitions” and marveled that it had happened to me too.
There are many other examples in history, and well documented. From the Normandy landing to that of Anzio, the battles of Marathon from some English battles of 1600 to criminal events of various kinds, places where enlightened people were born … and much more, too, to remain indifferent.

It is certain that our emotions leave signs that continue to exist, beyond the limits of time and space, and that these can be seen, even after centuries, by others and for not completely clear laws and reasons. These images, single or by several people and of highly emotional events, remain “suspended in time” and there is no way to change or interact, and only a few manage to stop the repetition of those tracks!

From this I concentrated on the fact that we do not know the limits of our mind and its potential, and at that point from traditional knowledge – even if orphaned of elements still to be discovered – I moved on to another, passing from Bioenergetics to Transpersonal Psychology and finally to the nonlocal mind. I tried to unite what the prevailing logical mind had divided, and this allowed me to feel the dying as a passage and change, perhaps of frequencies, thus making me meet truly nutritious facts for my soul, wherever it is.

My grandmother, my mother, my father … I was able to hear and see them beyond the presence of their living, and this showed me, in no uncertain terms, what was the way forward for me. I wish everyone could have this experience, and this is why I encourage you, when you try to understand the invisible, to get out of the human world of words and not feel split or detached from the Whole: you are always alive 24 hours, day and night, present beyond the limits of dying.

A further consideration: … but if what we use to define as real is about 8% of what we are and surrounds us, and to define its contents we use words that divide, and these are still fragmented between real and not real, matter and spirit … how can we deal with such crucial elements as “who we are, where we go, where we come from”? How to approach energies that do not know, as far as we know, a beginning and an end …?

A document not known as it should

Many years ago, we are in 1975, some sensitive people were asked about testimonies that had been spread about a very particular character. It was José Lòpez Rega also called “the sorcerer”.
The question that was asked was:
“Can a medium say and speak on behalf of a dead person …? What value should be given to the content of what it transmits ..? ”
Most of us clearly said that the percentages were minimal if the medium was in good faith, and difficult to define if we didn’t have more precise data. The data never came.

But what had happened? It seems that at Peròn’s death, the Lòpez Rega acted as a medium, and lying down on the grave of the former president of Argentina, with a particular voice, he continued to give indications on the management of business and laws ..!

It wouldn’t surprise me if it were true! Many mediums in good faith who try to help people who have lost loved ones, but too many those who create dangerous dependencies and do not help to understand that even with respect to death, there is a lot to say and try to know … !
About the birth of modern spiritualism, in the mid-1800s in Leipzig in Germany, this document appears:
The Occult Brotherhoods of the 1800s (Universal Mystical Communion, Order of the Rosicrucians, Groups of India, Egypt, Bohemia, Germany, England, France, Italy, Hermeticists, Magnetists, Kabbalists, Theosophical Society with the center in Avignon and their leaders Billot and Rousseau) worked in silence and secrecy when, around 1840, various circumstances led them to work differently.

Having scientific knowledge progressed much faster than Social Consciousness and Moral Evolution, a strong materialistic current had occurred in all fields of human activity and this current had imposed itself so much that all branches of Science were invaded. Then, to circumscribe and stop such a nefarious movement to Spiritual evolution, the various Groups (mentioned above) thought to make the existence of the Invisible known to the world and to demonstrate it as just as real as the Sensitive one. They attempted to directly see the preparation of the world to receive information of this nature (see by V. Frigairon-Bricaud p. 14, La Santa Gnosi).

Then, under the direction of the Brotherhood of Yuc, the Mexican branch of the Universal Occult Community, special experiences took place in America, then in England and France, through individuals with a particular Psychic conformation, later called mediums, i.e. intermediaries between the ‘Invisible and us.
From these experiences, the spiritual movement was born, but very unpleasant consequences also arose about the Occult Truth, especially for the discredit and mistrust caused by the tricks of the false or counterfeit mediums, and because in the Profane World the opinion had spread that the mediumistic phenomena were due to the spirits of the dead.

To neutralize this, given that the door of the Invisible, imprudently open, could no longer close now, the High Initiates of Europe and America, in a general council held in Vienna, decided to demonstrate how the origin of the phenomena spiritists was not due at all to the spirits of the dead, but to the action of forces that sleep in us, and how spiritism was nothing more than a simple experience decided by a Federation of Occult Brotherhood to test the resistance of modern civilization and the preparation of the world to receive the teaching of new truths without danger.

To conclude
This document describes the concept of spiritism as it is commonly known today, but the phenomenon, and the drive to communicate with other dimensions, is ancient and is lost in the history of the living being itself.

I believe, also based on the experiences I have been able to follow, that the mind freed from the dominant logical schemes, as already said, can be very generous with information and data that could surprise and amaze, if not frighten, those who are not prepared and documented on the subject.

I also believe that the current system is not helpful to inner research, although this can boast on its side various testimonies and numerous honest and prepared people, who have always worked for the good of many and to unite what those who seek ephemeral power they try to divide.

Along this road we must pay attention to the exaggerated ego of those who, having some experience of unusual phenomena, however, cannot go beyond apparent phenomena, losing the possibility of being able to pursue the path of Consciousness.
The other phenomena, and the related senses, are the avant-garde for data and information that go beyond the limits of dualistic and reductionist logic and belong to the Single Force which is part of a Whole.
Those who work hard to help those who suffer from the lack of a loved one do a high-level job but, at the same time, they should try to feel (and have a way) that there are other possibilities, and that communication can also take place inducing responses for synchronicity, through lucid dreams – very important -, being able to drive one’s dreams, the expansion of Consciousness (OOBE also ..), documenting ourselves on how much we are still limited in knowing ourselves.

In short, helping is vital, but we must also try to free people from the fear of death, informing them about what exists of immortal, according to our human concept, and to go beyond the limits of a culture bent on itself that offends the natural drive that is within us: Knowing to Be, Being because we already are.

Image Credits:
Initial image by Federico Miraglia
Photos of trees (Barbarano Romano, Viterbo) and door in the rock (Norchia) by Adriano Posenato
Photos of the stones of Aurora De Pardo

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