By Umberto Di Grazia


My life is certainly a strange existence and because of this, I can be considered by someone “a different”. In addition to the particularity of certain manifestations that have accompanied me for more than thirty years, I have a profound sense of seeking the right that certainly does not help me to unite with those who try to cheat themselves and therefore others. In our sector, I am talking about those who seek beyond the visible, there is a completely unsustainable situation. Never have I seen so many swindlers, careless, false teachers, organizations that seek only power.

Every day I meet those who have been scammed by a healer or a magician, more and more I come across people confused by ideas launched by those who have no real knowledge. What to do? How can we create a structure that helps to seek to “understand” beyond the protagonists, of the theories taken for granted without a desire for research and comparison? WHEN WILL WE UNDERSTAND THAT EACH OF US BRINGS RELATIVE TRUTH THAT MUST BE COMBINED WITH OTHERS? I feel satisfied with my work because I have gone from uncontrolled phenomena, which invaded my life, to a form of control of the same, transforming myself into a subject of study. And here comes new unexpected problems. The researchers, various professionals, have adequately distanced themselves because they had no similar references.

Now, since I don’t think I’m a superman, I understand how difficult the field of “real research” is. Many are the curious and the possibilists in words, but few dare to deepen truths so different from their preconceived ideas. Think about when with the partial control, of course, of the states of splitting, I managed to make important archaeological discoveries, including urban centers and necropolis in Capranica (VT), a city in the Capocotta estate, an Etruscan-Roman settlement near the Sasso (Cerveteri), part of a bronze village in Ustica, or to exactly define hundreds of precognitions with date and place! Or when, walking in unknown lands, I can indicate the history by making, here too, archaeological discoveries recognized as such by the Superintendencies. And strange healings of medical diseases, which I don’t want to advertise, and insights that seem to be torn from a timeless and spaceless dimension. For this reason, given the impossibility of being studied in-depth (and I traveled the world twice), I thought of developing techniques to prepare people who had not manifested unusual phenomena.

It was a long job that led to isolation for almost five years. The results have paid off abundantly. Well, I said, since I’m uncomfortable, let’s see if what I understand can be real for others too. I put a lot of energy into this program as I wasn’t born to be a highly paid healer or parlor psychic, much less one of the many reincarnated deities.


During the splitting I began, after a few years, to intuit that there must be a dimension beyond the human laws of duality. In fact, when I began to indicate precognitions, I realized that beyond what we can call the “parallel world of the future”, there was a dimension where a whole that could hardly be defined by logical-dualistic knowledge coexisted. I had entered a continuous present made of different luminous shades where human facts, of the future and past, lived without arousing any emotion in me. An adjacent world where logical laws seem to overturn and then unite in a form of rare balance. Hence the idea of ​​talking about the “Union of Opposites”, of fine-tuning the rules of Biostimulation® and dynamic Biostimulation®. So I worked with about two thousand people and in the end, the results were not lacking.

About 40% have manifested particular hyper sense, and many have improved the quality of their life by placing themselves with greater incisiveness both towards themselves and in everyday life. After carrying out various experiments among us, including deep meditations, psychoscopy, projections to read emotional facts from the past of people or objects closed in boxes, exercises on telepathy from near and from a distance, how to deal with certain physical ailments, I asked for researchers from disciplines recognized as scientific to experiment with us. We were followed by doctors, sociologists, psychologists, mathematics, and physics professors.

Spazio20It must also be said that the trained people had been accustomed to both esoteric and scientific language because we believe that the two lines of thought have long been converging towards a single point. For this reason, the experiments were super controlled both in the protocols and in the methods of their development. We met in an under-roof of a villa, with a single entrance, while the windows were carefully closed. The aforementioned work was published in the book: “Techniques of the Union” (Ed. Mediterranee, Rome 1992), and gave rise to a thousand discussions. Professor Mario Bruschi, a physicist at the University of Rome, subject to a series of experiments about 50 people who had followed a course on “Biostimulation” for about a year and the comment was: “The results in an experiment on extrasensory perception they are highly non-random: the possible existence of a phenomenon of acquiring knowledge through unconventional channels is suggested ”. To better define the result found by Professor Mario Bruschi, we obtained a probability value of randomness equal to: 1 raised to ten-millionth. It would mean that a similar value could be repeated after ten million attempts…! Think that in this sector, from what we can read, we have moved on: 1 raised to a hundred, sometimes to a thousand, very rarely to ten thousand.

But what does Professor Mario Bruschi think? Let’s try to understand it from some passages of his work:

“.. First of all that the Physics taught in compulsory schools, high schools and (alas) sometimes also in universities, physics that generally passes through the mass media, is not modern physics but, roughly, the Physics of the late 1800s; consequently, there is generally a perception of the world, considered scientific and therefore true, which is substantially the positivistic conception by now and indeed in many points openly contradicted by the theoretical and experimental acquisitions of current science.

Secondly, one should at least understand how science (and physics in particular) in this twentieth century has discovered and traveled paths of knowledge as new and exciting as surprising and unexpected; those who are increasingly approaching “magical” and irrational conceptions and practices, just to escape the supposed “banality” of the every day and the rational, would do well, in my opinion, to devote some time and effort to discover how not trivial but fascinating and full of wonder and wonder is the current scientific knowledge of the Universe. It is therefore no coincidence that at least part of the so-called “paranormal” phenomenology, which would have absolutely no space or possibility of interpretation in the context of the old physics, is not so sharply in contrast but may indeed find embryos of explanation in current science. A critical and detailed discussion is beyond the scope of this paper; however, for example: if there are particles (or delayed waves) that travel back in time, ie from the future to the past, is it not really so inconceivable that the mind has “organs” to obtain information (precognition)? Could the proven existence of physical phenomena for which spatial separation is irrelevant be a good starting point for the understanding of “coincidences”, “clairvoyance” and “telepathy”?

However, if Quantum Mechanics seems to be an intrinsically idealistic theory, that is, one that admits that, in the final analysis, the state of reality is determined by an act of consciousness, then the possibility of a direct action of consciousness on matter is not conceivable ( )?

Of course, all this does not mean that precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis exist; only experience, a serious experimental research, can tell; however, it means that these phenomena are now in the “spirit” of modern science. And it is strange and significant how “Western” science, starting from the “objective”, “experimental” study of a supposed external reality and independent of the investigating subject, has nevertheless reached a stage in which it is also, to some extent, study and science of the investigating subject (the observer): as many physicists and “spiritual masters” have already pointed out, we live in an age in which Western, objective, materialistic, exoteric science and Eastern, spiritual, esoteric science, which it also starts from a diametrically opposite point of view, that is, from the study and inner, subjective, conscientious experimentation, but they are converging. This convergence, still limited at the level of assonances, “resonances” and analogies in the field of contents (see a. E. Cosmological theories, the conception of the void, the overcoming of opposites), is already evident and significant in the field of language.

It is therefore neither surprising nor accidental that on the one hand many modern scientists are attracted to “mystical” theories (oriental species, such as Zen, Yoga, Taoism, as paradoxically more accessible and well-known than the Western tradition) while, on the other, many ” gurus ”and“ spiritual ”teachers are increasingly interested in“ scientific ”explanations and confirmations of their techniques, experiences and knowledge.

It is my firm conviction that this meeting is already and will increasingly prove to be fruitful and fruitful: all initiatives, institutions, centers that work in this direction should therefore be encouraged and helped, overcoming closures and foreclosures, often a priori and sectarian unfortunately still present ( and to a large extent) in both fields ”.

Professor Mario Bruschi, at the end of the work carried out on the group of people I trained, said, with the honesty of a true researcher:

“The author is well aware of the problem of repeatability in this field, however, he would like to point out that even phenomena of” single event “with probabilities of non-randomness much smaller than the present, are currently considered in Physics (see the recent detection of waves gravitational forces generated by a supernova); moreover, also in Physics, the very concept of repeatability is now at the center of controversies and discussions (see cosmological theories or the very recent events connected to cold nuclear fusion). A critical analysis of what is science and what is not is clearly impossible and impracticable here, however some simple considerations do not seem out of place. We could define, certainly simplifying, the scientific method as “the art of asking questions of nature and listening to its answers”. Certainly, the existence of consolidated scientific theories and practices help to ask the “right” questions and to interpret the answers “correctly”, but it is also true that at the same time a strong conditioning is placed both on the type of questions that can be asked and on the kind of answers that can be expected: in fact many of the great and sudden advances in science are due to the courage (often of outsiders) and to ask unusual questions and/or to accept unexpected answers.

The “question” formulated in this experiment is certainly unusual (compared to the canons of official science), the “answer” which certainly needs to be confirmed but which, if confirmed, we should have the courage to accept in the scientific community, is that Acquisition of information through conventional channels is possible and this phenomenon can be measured (and only by ascertaining and accepting once and for all the existence of the phenomenon, it will be possible to put an end to the need to always start from scratch up to now in the “paranormal” field and trigger that fruitful scientific process of accumulation which can lead to a deeper understanding and possibly a theoretical explanation of the phenomenon itself.) ”As you can easily guess this is undoubtedly the way forward. But who really cares that things get cleared up? Who can finance human work without commercial or military interests?

These are difficult questions to answer. Our research has literally put us to a “hard” test in various respects and we have not had anyone who has helped or encouraged us among the operators in the sector. We had the right location that we lost because we did not accept easy-to-learn ways (such as giving diplomas as an expert healer, or something else…) but we are satisfied with our choices. Behind so much will, the comments of the “external experts” were of infinite folly. One super paid physicist said: “You can’t have those results without cheating. I’m more inclined to believe that someone spied on the results of external computers by communicating them with a transmitter to someone who was doing the experiment, who then warned the others “. Think of the fear that the aforementioned researcher expressed in order not to accept that perhaps there is something that he does not yet know. And this represents almost the totality of those who are absorbed by a political and cultural system that does not lead to real research.

There is a Scientific Supervisory Committee on the Paranormal but from how it operated, it has shown that it starts with pre-established ideas. I was very impressed by their “scientific” research on alleged “poltergeist” phenomena in an attic in a certain country in Northern Italy. The comment basically said: “nothing is true, since we have been waiting for the phenomenon for six hours and nothing has happened! etc. etc. etc..! Evidently they didn’t get along well with the poltergeist, who hadn’t been on time when he was very rude. This means many things, and all very sad, among other things it shows that they had no news of how “it is said” that certain events take place.

Poor Bender, from the Institute of Mental Health in Freiburg who dedicated his life to understand the same phenomenon. Perhaps a phone call was enough to understand that it is better to face this research with electronic equipment that allows continuous observation and for much longer times. However, it is strange how you are wary of human testimonies when it comes to unusual facts (all right there are crazy and mythomaniacs), while to send a person to live in prison, sometimes, all this does not happen!

So what can we do? Create “our” research commission? Offer scholarships to those who carry out future scientific research in our sector? Promise, as seems to be happening, to a voting politician to support our demands? I have no answers other than what I have been doing, full time, for about thirty-five years! I await suggestions and advice on the matter. The I.R.C. is ready to collaborate with anyone who wants to work to try to understand and put many things in order. We need a program, to organize ourselves, to get together and take a highly professional line, as the subject we deal with requires. Everyone is free to support what they want, but they must have the courage to accept exchanges and checks. This is the moment for action, you can’t stay in the window, enemies exist only for those who are insecure. The “light” has always pushed the dark. Do not think that it is difficult to improve ourselves, but it is certainly impossible for those who profit from the ignorance of others. But if we know something, we have to disclose our purchase. We need to unite, first with ourselves, then, do it with others. How come in our sector there are a thousand divisions, yet we all speak very well, we expose concepts of universal love! Why are we divided and not moving towards clarification?

This confusion harms everyone and opens the way for the spirit jackals. Many argue that I am “utopian”, sorry for that, but I cannot regress in the way I feel and think. The search for knowledge does not isolate, does not form parties and hierarchies, but tends to unite towards the whole. With my phenomena, which arose at a young age, I suffered a lot to stay in balance and I know the various traps that accompany this type of life. The psychic, the fulcrum of unusual phenomena, is not an animal to be subjected to any kind of violence, he is an extremely sensitive being, to be understood and listened to; moreover, the methods through which it produces any phenomena are extremely personal and very delicate balances. The laboratory tests, carried out in various parts of the world, are carried out mainly with normal people and have shown that paranormality is a common good to be understood and addressed. We think about our future together, we transform our meetings into something creative, otherwise they will be just a catwalk of vanities. Despite the great shadows, someone has long understood that “hypersensitivities” can be the object of study for social applications. An example of all? In March 1973, after working for eleven years with a psychic in the field of archeology, Professor Emerson said: “Through intuition and parapsychology a whole new vision of man and his past is within our reach. As an anthropologist and as an archaeologist expert in these fields, I say that in my opinion, it deserves to take the opportunity to investigate and study the data that are provided to us in this way. We should give absolute priority to this over everything else ”.


My personal experience has largely confirmed Professor Emerson’s experiences and, in the near future, paranormalities will be normal. But to get there we must, today, work seriously and remove the negative that invades the sector. This is why I tell the current psychics not to get carried away, and to the scientists, I remember the phrase of the great physiologist J.C. Eccles who said about it: “We must learn to live with problems that go beyond our current capacity for understanding and not impulsively deny the existence or reality of such problems”.

And I ask you: “What future to those who seek to know?”

Article published in  “Il nostro giornale ” anno 2 N°4 luglio – settembre 1991

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