Where do we go?

Where do we go?

Where do we go? In the book “Le tre anime” (The three souls), written with the physics professor Mario Bruschi and Stanislao Nievo published by Armando, we tried to answer the questions posed by the famous painting painted by Paul Gauguin: “Where do we come from, who we are, where do we go”.

The answers emerged from the individual experiences and were written with sincerity and courage in the hope of bringing life closer.

by Umberto Di Grazia

For the physicist: “There are not enough data” and points out, at the beginning of his speech, very rightly, that: “Where are we going? … as individuals, we inevitably and inevitably go towards death … but the data are insufficient …!

They say that animals cannot anticipate, imagine, or represent the future so they know nothing about death.

Man, on the other hand, has this “gift”, and therefore lives (imagines, feels, anticipates) his death hundreds, thousands of times before it comes. The ironic thing is that true death, perhaps we will never experience it: as Mr. De Lapisse could testify, even a second before dying you are still alive. Some sages have deduced from this that death, being a non-experience, is not. In that sense, we would be immortal. This does not console me … and the increasingly numerous data recently collected on DNE (Near Death Experiences) make us think: after all, perhaps we will “live” our death. This consoles us: maybe we will live even after death. In a new “body”, in a new support for our consciousness (whatever it is).

For the writer and me, said by the great poet Mario Luzi in a presentation of the book, our experiences are an inseparable part of our “being travelers” and in particular, where we go: it is a question that man has been asking himself since he began to speak, to have a language. This is Nievo’s starting point, which makes the experience of human life coincide with the origin of language, with the principle of the verb.

Today our mental grammar is no longer at odds, but it has not put aside these questions, which are fundamental for being understood, and Nievo’s whole discourse focuses on the experience of man. And the definition he gives of man is that we are “being”.
“About Di Grazia and his answers to the three questions, I say less because his field is less appealable. Although I must say that there is a lot of affinity between my way of feeling and hers.

We have entrusted all the responsibility of knowledge to reason, to the rational system. But rationality is always in the balance. I feel it. And I feel that knowledge is not just reason. It is known in many other ways, in other ways. Certainly, this of rationality as a foundation of knowledge is a Western prerogative. And it is also the cause of modern man’s neurosis because it means that a part of man is repressed, suffocated. Instead, from Di Grazia’s perspective, it comes out.”
But where does my way of seeing and feeling come from ..?

From extraordinary experiences and forty years of life driven to try to understand and today “I feel” that what we see represents only a small portion of the whole and that “dying” is a passage of a continuous in perennial transformation for his improvement.
Life does not end with the transformation of energy-matter and nothing dies, especially our emotions, they leave indelible traces over time.

In this regard, Pausanias says that the battle of Marathon was seen by travelers in those places for about 400 years; neighs, noises, and shapes had remained still in a dimension similar to “a continuous present”. There are similar examples in various parts of the world as there are examples of the perception of a transparent and three-dimensional form of ourselves, visible in particular moments and / or moods.

Ernest Hemingway in “A Farewell to Arms” has a wounded lieutenant says:
“I tried to breathe… but the breath didn’t want to come and I felt I was thrown out of myself and out… and out and always… into the wind. I went out fast, all of myself and I knew I was dead, and it was a mistake to think I was dead.
Then I floated, and instead of proceeding, I felt myself sliding backward. The ground was upset and in front of my head, there was a crashed wooden beam. In overtime… I heard someone shout. I thought someone was yelling … I tried to move, but I couldn’t. I heard machine guns and rifles firing across the river and… all along the river.
There was a lot of mud and I saw… the tracers go up and explode or float white and rockets go up and I heard the bombs, all in an instant and then I heard someone close to me saying.
“Mamma Mia…! I forced myself and twisted and … finally … I freed my legs and touched him.”

I began in 1961, on an August day.

It is not easy to live the experience of “doubling”, without preparation, that is to see a shape similar to yours, transparent and three-dimensional, come out of your physical body, become aware that you cannot move because you are paralyzed, see with half-closed eyes and, paying attention to “the other floating”, perceive the environment with an extension of 360 °! Certainly, I was shocked and I did not find afterward, even though I asked in all directions, the right explanations.

The few people who had real knowledge told me, more or less: “If you have to understand, you will understand, constantly work on yourself.”

In the “out-of-body experiences or dilation of consciousness”, also typical of near-death states, the sense of freedom from worries and problems of all kinds is immediately experienced. The more one lives together “in that state”, the more dormant sensations of true well-being emerge and, little by little, complete knowledge of facts emerge which, in the normal states of life, are grasped only incomplete. It is like recognizing the sense of the profound truth, beyond the limits of duality and logic.

All the previous information disappears to give way to something else that, once the fear is overcome, you live deeply with feelings that are difficult to tell.

You learn in the field facts that unite, you feel you belong to a larger structure, you are like the cell of a whole that you can sense but whose borders are not seen. And this is where the negative and sick view of life is reversed.

By assisting people in their passage of dimension, commonly called death, I have been able to observe “extraordinary” events that have helped me in the path of knowing. All this has happened to many, doctors and not, who have told similar experiences but who are afraid to tell you: they do not want to be taken for crazy.

One of the constants is that the “double” or transparent and three-dimensional envelope, which has the same characteristics as our body and, curiously, even the same clothes, detaches from the physical body.

Observing it, we understand that it is still full of human emotions. It remains for a while around the lifeless physical part, looking for a contact. It approaches from various points, There is an effort in this and a surprise in “seeing” in that situation. After a while, a matter of minutes for us, he goes away. Those who can “see” such activities may notice other constants.

The structure is very similar to that of the body, it may look like a paraffin cast. The face has only a difference in color and the difficult perception of hair and eyebrows by living beings. The feet are not visible and he moves by sliding with hesitation and surprise. We understand that it is still mixed and confused by the information perceived during its existence in our visible.

Something happens after that. She is attracted to signals that come from the outside, she looks around, we can at most perceive variations in darkness or light but for her, it must be something much more complete. At a certain point, quickly, as if attracted by a magnet, it disappears with a well-defined trajectory inside a dense and strangely dark surface.

When the passage between life and death takes place, it is as if our parts are organized on several levels and what can more easily be “recognized” are partial elements of our emotional memory and some traces, always created by emotions, of the missing person.

When the conscience moves away from the physical part it does not “understand” the pain of living people, it “sees” them but does not understand what they are doing. It has a strange “languor”, feels that it is linked to places and people and gradually realizes that it is in the right dimension, recognizes it, as if awakened from a dream, and moves away towards a travel system that is difficult for us to describe ” alive”.

According to what I believe in, and according to my particular way of life, as the “core” moves away from us, it becomes aware of the presence of its energy emanating in the dimensions of the past and the future. It is like a spaceship that to get away from the earth must give maximum thrust to overcome the gravitational attraction, which in our case are the emotions experienced, to then reach an external space where a small energetic push is enough to move.

At the same time the spaceship, and thus the “core”, the more they move away, the more they have a vision of the Whole.
The “core” becomes aware of the various experiences in the form of a continuous present linked to life on our planet.

The theory of reincarnation that considers time with a linear trend – example: 1000 BC, 600 BC, 10 AD, 200 AD – does not consider that the energy element is outside of these theories and has dominion in a multidimensional Whole.

To clarify, I would not be surprised if by dying I would regain consciousness of my body in an ancient era, awakened after a period of malaise, by the caresses of a woman.

Waking up I would say: “What strange dreams I had, I was with particular people and there was also a woman similar to you.”

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